About RU Foundry


Photo taken by Mr. Julio Yap, Jr.

In 1974, RU Marketing started with a capital of just P3,500 but eventually grew into a “multi-million” corporation which is now known as RU Foundry and Machine Shop Corporation (RUFMSC) – an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

RU stands for the initials of “the retired” but still very active Ramon D. Uy, Sr., the man behind the company’s beginning and continuing stability.

He firmly believes in the Filipinos’ ingenuity and talent, and casted no doubt on the competence of his countrymen to succeed.

In 1995, it expanded its operations in preparation for the implementation of projects under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade-World Trade Organization (GATT-WTO) where the company was forced to borrow a large amount of money.

Unfortunately, the Asian crises at that time greatly affected the operation of RU and went bankrupt.

But with God’s grace and blessings, RU was able to develop a Shredder Machine that was seen to revolutionize the Agricultural industry in the country.

The equipment can also be used as a Waste Reduction Machine which could effectively be utilized for the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Programs of the different local government units (LGUs) and non-government organizations (NGOs) in the country.

The company eventually became a byword in the industry when it comes to the production of quality metal products and equipment.

RUFMSC now caters to the casting, machining, and fabricating demands and requirements of the sugar industry, cement/mining factories, as well as agro-industrial companies in the Philippines.

It also assists the country’s sugar industry in the development of local substitute for high-value imported products, with full support provided by the Metals Industry and Research Development Center of the Department of Science and Technology (MIRDC-DOST).

“RU Shredder” is a versatile agricultural and industrial equipment specifically designed to accelerate and hasten the decomposition of organic waste, greens, and other biodegradable materials.

It is efficient in the reduction of solid/bulky biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials, and now being used extensively in the different provinces, cities, and municipalities all over the country (Please refer to the attached list of “satisfied” customers).

On October 3, 2008, RUFMSC started to extend its services to the local small farmers by creating its Agri-Business Division – the Ecological and Agricultural Development Foundation, Inc. (Eco-Agri).

Its primary purpose is to advocate organic farming, and conduct a series training/seminar sessions in an effort to assist the local farmers to become resilient and sustainable in food production and security.

Our Vision

To develop and manufacture high quality machineries and equipment to promote and support Agricultural Mechanization, Solid Waste Management and Utilization, and Organic Farming in the Philippines, thereby making the small farmers to become economically productive and attain sustainability in the operation of their respective farms.



To “STITCH” or to unite the efforts and resources of the different line agencies of the national and provincial governments, private sector, non-government organizations, academe, religious groups, overseas Filipino workers, and other concerned sectors to be able to make the marginalized farmers to be aware of farming technologies which are now available for them to develop their respective farms to become progressive and sustainable.


Our Mission

To be the leader in the fabrication and manufacturing of the best quality machineries and equipment based on the following benchmarks: 


  • To make the communities and the organization a better place to live and work;
  • Facilitate technology transfer to our partner communities for them to be able to attain sustainability and become self-reliant;
  • Create a conducive atmosphere for employment where we can train and develop responsible personnel in the company, generate economic opportunities, learn and acquire more knowledge and technologies, and to become fulfilled in the industry we are engaged;
  • Work on various approaches that are geared towards the protection and conservation of the environment for the safety of human being and other living organisms; and,
  • To be the preferred manufacturer of choice by providing lifetime service to our clients.

To attain a VERY SATISFACTORY customer satisfaction rating.

To ensure 100% on-time delivery of products/services according to agreed terms and conditions.